UPEI, Dal, faculty associations call for vaccine mandates

August 23, 2021
Faculty associations at the University of Prince Edward Island and Dalhousie University have called for vaccine mandates as the campus community returns for the Fall semester. At UPEI, the faculty association has sent a letter to the UPEI president calling for COVID-19 measures on campus, such as mandatory vaccination. UPEIFA Association president Michael Arfken told CBC that faculty have the right under the collective agreement to refuse to deliver their course on campus. UPEI’s administration has indicated that it will consider the letter. At Dal, the DFA has called on the university to introduce mandatory vaccinations, masking, and physical distancing, as well as adequate ventilation. “People are concerned about going back into the classroom,” said DFA President Tara Perrot. “We've got classes of up to 500 students. What's going to happen when some of those students say, 'I'm not going to wear a mask'?” CBC (1) | CBC (2) (NS | PEI)