UPEI students elect first international president of student union

March 14, 2017

A third-year engineering major has become the first international student to be elected president of the student union at the University of Prince Edward Island. Hammad Ahmed began studying at UPEI in 2014 and has previously served as president of the school’s Society of International Students. Ahmed's campaign platform included plans to create a more inclusive campus and to foster a sense of unity among Island students, students from other parts of Canada, and international students. “When you advertise an event as a normal event it's hard to get the international community to come and be part of it,” said Ahmed. “And if you call an event international or global something it's hard to get domestic students to get involved in it.” Ahmed says that one of his goals moving forward will be the creation of more gender-neutral washrooms on the school’s campus. CBC (1) | CBC (2)