uRegina board chair "confused" about what council meeting sought

March 8, 2013

Paul McLellan, chairman of the University of Regina's board of governors, says he's "a little confused" about what's being asked of the university and its senior administration. At a University Council meeting last Wednesday, faculty members questioned the university's spending priorities and demanded more financial transparency. If there is a request for publishing the salaries of every university employee, McLellan wonders to what purpose it would be put, whether it would conflict with privacy laws, and insists that much of the information is already available. "Personally, if they feel the need for some more information, I'm OK with that," McLellan says. "There is nothing that a university does that needs to be hidden." Furthermore, if marketing -- a frequent target of critics at the meeting -- was cut, McLellan questions the impact that would have on attracting new, tuition-paying students and communicating with alumni. Regina Leader-Post