uRegina group opposes university’s proposed Israel partnership

July 25, 2014

A group of faculty and students at the University of Regina have publicly criticized a partnership the institution has been considering with the Israeli government and several Israeli schools. The partnership would offer uRegina students the opportunity to participate in study tours, courses, and work placements in Israel as part of an MBA specialization in public safety management at uRegina’s Kenneth Levene Graduate School of Business. However, several parties at the university have expressed concerns about the safety of students given the ongoing conflict in the region. The group also warned that some students might be barred entry into Israel, and expressed their opposition to Israel’s actions in the Gaza Strip. Andrew Gaudes, Dean of the Levene School, said that there are currently no partnerships with any educational institutions in Israel, though the school is exploring international opportunities in countries including Israel. He emphasized that program development occurs in an open forum and that faculty will have the opportunity to vote on any program changes that are formally proposed. StarPhoenix

Postscript: August 13 2014

The University of Regina will not move forward with a study tour agreement between its Kenneth Levene Graduate School of Business and Israel. In a written statement provided to a campus advocacy group that was protesting the possible agreement, uRegina said that it had determined that Hebrew University, the proposed partner institution, did not offer course content that would meet program needs. The statement also indicated that uRegina did not plan to pursue further study tours in the area. Andrew Stevens, a professor at uRegina, said that discussions with Hebrew University were informally ended on July 24. Leader-Post