URegina professor faces “violent reaction” to talk on whiteness

March 13, 2018

University of Regina Assistant Professor Mike Cappello faced strong backlash in the leadup to a talk he delivered yesterday at Trent University. Titled, “It's Okay to be (Against) White(ness),” the talk reportedly offered a critical response to posters bearing the slogan, “It’s OK to be white” that circulated around various Canadian PSE campuses last November. Cappello said that the Trent Central Student Association (TCSA) has received positive feedback from students on the upcoming event, but adds that he has mostly seen a “violent reaction” to his presentation's title. Ethical Standards Commissioner Lindsay Yates stated that “this event is not discussing problems with white people, it is discussing whiteness as an idea. Whiteness is a set of privileges that those of us who present as white have access to.” CBC