uRegina students launch petition to adopt U-Pass

October 27, 2014

Students at the University of Regina have created a petition to adopt a universal bus pass. A number of PSE institutions across the country offer a similar program, which provides students with a reduced rate for public transit that is paid for through student fees. “It represents something we know not everyone is going to use but we recognize everyone is going to benefit from it,” said Devon Peters, President of the uRegina Students’ Union. Peters, along with Regina Green Ride Transit Network Director David Venderberg, believe the time is right for the petition, given recent increases to bus fares as well as a strain on on-campus parking. They say the program would benefit students and the city by increasing ridership which would, in turn, lead to better service. If the petition can get the signatures of 5% of the uRegina student body, it would proceed to a referendum. It may be an uphill battle: 3 previous efforts to adopt a U-Pass at uRegina have failed. Nevertheless, Vanderberg is confident that students will see the benefits of implementing the program. Leader-Post