US adjuncts plan national walkout in February

October 7, 2014

Adjuncts in the US are planning a national walkout day on February 25, 2015. The event, intended to highlight the low wages and poor working conditions experienced by many adjunct faculty members, was proposed by a writing instructor at San Jose State University who, citing job security concerns, wishes to remain anonymous. She said that she hopes the event will shed light on the “educational or administrative issues impacting adjuncts … across the country, or [the] plights of individual adjuncts.” The idea of a nation-wide event, she said, is to communicate that “no adjunct or campus must face these shared issues alone.” Information about the event is being shared largely through social media. Maria Maisto, President of the adjunct advocacy organization New Faculty Majority, said, “any actions that raise awareness and continue to put pressure on higher education to reform are welcome.” Inside Higher Ed