US alumni donations to higher ed climb to pre-2008 levels

April 25, 2014

A new report on PSE donations in the US has found that alumni donors and revenue in PSE have returned to pre-recession levels. This report confirms the findings of a previous study released in February. Alumni donations dipped slightly by 1.1% for public and private institutions, while overall revenue increased at a rate of 5.3%. The modest increase was driven in part because donors are giving 5.8% more on average, with the median revenue per donor climbing to $531 from $488 in 2012 and $469 in 2011. Private institutions fared particularly well, with median change in revenue per donor increasing by 8.1%. This marks the third consecutive year of positive revenue growth from donations for public and private institutions, suggesting a return to the pre-recession pattern of “donors down, dollars up.” The report notes that while participation rates have decreased, this trend may be reversed through more rigorous management of recurring giving programs. University Business | Full Report