US campus booksellers push back against online retailers

September 8, 2014

US campus booksellers are fighting back against their online competition. The success of Chegg, Amazon, and other online retailers has forced campus booksellers to be more defensive when it comes to advertising on campus. Chegg, for instance, recruits students as on-campus brand ambassadors, gives away Red Bull and Starbucks products, and hosts their own book buy-backs. Campus booksellers argue that such tactics violate campus exclusivity agreements. At Southern Connecticut State University, university officials sent a cease-and-desist letter after learning that students were distributing Chegg fliers on campus. Other institutions force Chegg representatives to cover the company logo on their marketing materials. Chegg President Dan Rosenweig dismissed campus booksellers' complaints. “There’s no legal basis for it, and we’ve never been sued … The school should not be working against the interest of the student financially.” The Chronicle of Higher Education