US college offers headhunting service for local employers

August 14, 2014

California’s San Jose State University has found a new revenue stream: headhunting services. The university will find students to fit employer needs for a fee. The institution is in a favourable position to provide these kinds of services, being in close proximity to firms like Apple and Facebook as well as many other Silicon Valley companies. The institution’s close relationship with many of these firms means that its graduates are often in high demand. To meet that demand, it created SJSU Spartan Staffing, which employs recruiters who liaise between students, alumni, and employees; the staffing firm’s recruiters also work with local staffing non-profits that specialize in finding work for persons with disabilities. Daniel Newell, Program Manager of Workforce & Economic Development at the university, says that as far as he knows the service is unique among US public universities, who typically do not make candidate referrals and focus instead on counselling and professional development. SJSU Spartan Staffing hopes to place 38 students by the end of its first year, and 250 over 5 years. Its goal is to net the university $250,000 over the 5-year period. Entrepreneur