US colleges allow students to work off their tuition

April 4, 2014

At 7 “work colleges” throughout the US, students work on campus as part of their studies to pay off at least some of their tuition before they graduate; students have done such jobs as landscaping, growing and cooking food, public relations, and feeding farm animals. Such “earning while learning” programs exist at Sterling College in Vermont, Alice Lloyd College and Berea College in Kentucky, Blackburn College in Illinois, the College of the Ozarks in Missouri, Ecclesia College in Arkansas, and Warren Wilson College in North Carolina. “[The program] does not differentiate between those that can afford to pay for their education, from those that must work to cover their educational costs. And that’s a big deal,” says Robin Taffler, Executive Director of the Work Colleges Consortium. “No student can buy their way out of this work program. So this essentially levels the playing field because everybody is doing a job.” Diverse Education