US colleges using non-tenure-track positions to diversify faculty, says study

August 23, 2016

When it comes to faculty hiring practices in the US, a new study finds that “most gains for underrepresented minority groups have been in the most precarious positions.” Titled “Taking the Measure of Faculty Diversity,” the study draws on federal US data and finds that underrepresented minority groups held approximately 13% of faculty jobs, yet only 10% of tenured jobs in 2013. With respect to gender, the report found that women now hold 49% of total faculty positions, but only 38% of tenured jobs. Maria Maisto, president of the national adjunct advocacy organization New Faculty Majority, said the report confirms that precarious academic labour disproportionately impacts women and underrepresented minorities. “There is still, amazingly, skepticism about the disproportionate impact of contingency on [these groups],” she added. Inside Higher Ed | Report