US faculty, administrators on PSE innovation

November 29, 2013

A survey conducted by the Chronicle of Higher Education and Pearson reveals that administrators and faculty don’t always disagree when it comes to innovation in PSE. The survey was completed by nearly 1,200 faculty members and a sample of some 80 presidents of 4-year colleges in the US. The survey revealed that both faculty and administrators believe that faculty should be the drivers of change in PSE, but that presidents don’t see faculty fulfilling that role currently. It also shows that both groups believe governments currently “have too much to say” about how to drive innovation. The study also found that both faculty and presidents see blended learning, adaptive learning, and interactive technology as the most promising types of innovation, but are wary of innovations that threaten the business models of their institutions (such as MOOCs and competency-based degrees). Both faculty and administrators agree that discussions on innovation should focus on changes in teaching and learning models, but that in reality, they are focused on technology and cost cutting. Full Report