US fraternities, sororities lobby to limit institutions' powers to investigate rape allegations

March 27, 2015

Lobbyists representing US fraternities and sororities will be in Washington next month in hopes of making it more difficult for colleges and universities to investigate and punish rape allegations. Representatives of the Fraternity & Sorority Political Action Committee, or “FratPAC,” as well as 2 other groups, will ask lawmakers to introduce a requirement that the criminal justice system must resolve cases before institutions can themselves investigate allegations. “If people commit criminal acts, they should be prosecuted and they should go to jail,” said Michael Greenberg, leader of the Sigma Chi fraternity. FratPAC also plans to ask politicians to prevent institutions from suspending all fraternities or sororities on campus based on an incident at one house. FratPAC’s activities have prompted criticism from some student groups. “Adjudication on campuses is incredibly important for victims and survivors, to make sure they receive some sort of justice,” said Joelle Stangler, Student Body President at the University of Minnesota. National Post