US institutions concerned about hard drug use among students

April 29, 2014

US universities are beginning to expand the purview of their drug prevention programs to include harder drugs, such as heroin. University of Rochester President Joel Seligman last month made a plea to students to “get help” with their substance abuse problems following the death of a freshman student. At Yale, a campus medical director issued a campus-wide email raising concerns over a spike in LSD-, cocaine-, and heroin-related incidents. The University of Vermont, meanwhile, will in the fall begin screening students for hard drug use. While national data show that less than 1% of students are users, campus health centres are concerned that a traditional focus on alcohol and marijuana has allowed students who use hard drugs to slip through the cracks. “We don’t think of college students as IV drug users. A lot of people have images of what IV drug users look like, and it’s not college students” said Robert Reff, substance abuse prevention coordinator at Oregon State University. Inside Higher Ed | Education Dive