US prof implements no-email policy in classes

August 29, 2014

One faculty member at Salem College in North Carolina has taken an interesting approach to the vast number of emails received from students: she has banned the majority of emails students are likely to send her. Communications professor Spring-Serenity Duvall wanted to cut back on the time she spent going through emails from students telling her they would be late, or would miss class, or would have to leave early, but she didn’t want to add to syllabus-bloat. She therefore instituted a simple policy: no emails unless a student was scheduling a face-to-face meeting. Duvall piloted the policy last year and describes it as an “unqualified success.” She found students were better prepared for class and contacted her during office hours at an increased rate; end-of-class evaluations were also better than with previous cohorts. Duvall did allow one exception to the rule—students were allowed to send her content that they felt was relevant to the class. Inside Higher Ed