US report marks progress on improving graduate education

April 5, 2011

Yesterday the US-based Council of Graduate Schools (CGS) released a progress report on the steps universities, government agencies, and industry organizations have taken in response to the council's 2010 white paper, "The Path Forward," which warned that the US risks losing its eminence in doctoral education. To learn more about specific outcomes and impacts from the paper, CGS conducted a survey of its member institutions, and the results fell into 5 broad categories: influencing critical decision processes; changing priorities; creating new communication channels; shaping evaluation metrics; and introducing new programs. CGS notes that several recent policy initiatives reflect the relevance and impact of the paper, such as the American Competes Reauthorization Act of 2010, which will support several new programs meant to improve doctoral education in the sciences. The Chronicle of Higher Education (free access) | Read the progress report