US senators present bill to curb sexual assault on campus

August 5, 2014

A bill introduced to the US Senate on July 30 would impose new regulations on colleges and universities in hopes of curbing campus sexual assault. US institutions would have to publish the results of anonymous surveys about sexual assaults, and would be required to provide confidential advisers to help students report crimes and receive help. Institutions would also be made unable to punish students for matters such as underage drinking if their admission came in the context of reporting a sexual assault. The bill would impose financial penalties of up to 1% of their operating budget on institutions that fail to comply with regulations. The bill is the product of bipartisan collaboration between Democrat and Republican Senators and coincides with a White House push for action on sexual assault. Controversial Globe and Mail columnist Margaret Wente claims that institutions are going too far in their efforts to fight sexual violence on campus and are persecuting students without due process. Globe and Mail (Regulations) | Globe and Mail (Wente)