US sending mixed messages to incoming Canadian students, losing “dominance” as international study location

August 5, 2021
Canadian students who plan to study in the United States are facing mixed messages and confusion around pandemic restrictions from border officials, reports CBC. While school is considered essential, students and parents in Canada told CBC that there is confusion around who is eligible to cross the border and under what circumstances. "It would be a little too speculative for us to post very specific guidance,” said US Customs and Border Protection Spokesperson Aaron Bowker, adding that admissibility is specific to each individual’s situation. On the global scale, Chronicle of Higher Ed reporters Karin Fischer and Sasha Aslanian write that the US has lost ground as a destination for international education and may never regain its dominance as a host country. Fischer and Aslanian highlight the many factors that have influenced the US’s role in international education and write that the US’s diplomacy, economy, and higher ed sector will be heavily impacted if America cedes its place. CBC | Chronicle of Higher Ed (Paywall) (International)