US universities get $1.6 million to broaden PhD career paths

March 24, 2014

The Andrew W Mellon Foundation in the US has given a $1.6-million grant to the American Historical Association (AHA) and 4 universities to broaden the career paths of history PhDs. AHA Executive Director James R Grossman says the goal of the initiative is to “establish a new norm in which doctoral graduates in history know how to pursue career opportunities both inside and outside academe, and are encouraged to do so.” Columbia University, the University of California at Los Angeles, the University of Chicago, and the University New Mexico, which will each receive about $300,000, plan to launch various pilot projects, such as creating mentor databases, increasing internship opportunities, and crafting curricula designed to give students more real-world skills. For example, uChicago will be offering students more internship opportunities at non-profit organizations, creating seminars to educate doctoral students about career possibilities, and hiring a "career fellow" for 3 years who will help launch the grant projects. Chronicle of Higher Education