uSask’s head of HR steps down

July 29, 2014

Barb Daigle has stepped down from her position as AVP Human Resources at the University of Saskatchewan. In an internal memo, uSask’s VP Finance and Resource Greg Fowler said, “Barb Daigle ... and I have come to a mutually-agreed decision for her to leave her position within the University of Saskatchewan ... After considerable discussion and reflection, Barb and I both agree this is in the best interests of the university and for Barb’s own career goals.” In a press release, uSask thanked Daigle for her leadership and work over her 12 years at the institution and wished her well in the future. Daigle’s departure is the third high-level leadership change at uSask following the controversy over Robert Buckingham’s dismissal, following the resignation of Brett Fairbairn as Provost and the removal of Ilene Busch-Vishniac as President. The announcement comes less than 2 weeks after a letter written by Fairbairn about Buckingham’s dismissal was leaked to the StarPhoenixuSask News Release | CBC | StarPhoenix