uSask campus safety to be reviewed following report of sexual assault

February 24, 2012

A University of Saskatchewan official says the institution lacks a formal policy about reporting violent incidents such as sexual assaults on campus, but a review of campus safety procedures will consider one. Some members of the university community have raised concerns about how uSask officials reported an alleged sexual assault of a 20-year-old woman at a student residence on New Year's Day. The institution informed students, staff, and faculty about the assault in an e-mail sent on February 17. Finding out about the incident at the same time as the rest of the campus, the student union says the assault should have been reported earlier. uSask considers the assault an isolated incident that posed no immediate threat to others. Details of the attack were sparse when it was reported to police, but new information and a request from the victim's family prompted uSask officials to issue the report, says the AVP of student affairs. Saskatoon Star-Phoenix