uSask launches ad campaign to recruit in Calgary

March 7, 2014

The University of Saskatchewan has launched an amusing new advertising campaign to recruit students from Calgary. A series of print ads in 37 transit shelters throughout the city include lines such as “No cowboy hats required,” “Join the stampede of students applying to the U of S,” and “If only we had a nickel back for every Alberta student that chooses us.” Each ad encourages potential students to explore a campaign website, allowing the university to track visits to the site, and “to follow how that translates into inquiries, applications and ultimately to how many of those students join [uSask] in the fall.” Dan Seneker, a Manager in the Students and Enrolment Services Division, explains that “while student recruitment is the main goal of the ad campaign, a secondary objective is to attract the attention of our graduates who live in Calgary and get them working as our ambassadors.” The ads will run in Calgary for one month. uSask News