uSask med school provides restructuring update

May 8, 2013

The first progress report in the implementation plan toward a new vision for the University of Saskatchewan's medical school was presented to University Council last month. Approved by Council in December, the vision document is meant to address long-standing challenges in the medical school, specifically surrounding accreditation of the undergraduate medical education program, poor research performance, and the provision of clinical service by uSask faculty. The acting dean of medicine reported on the continuing work of the Dean's Advisory Committee (DAC), which is guiding and overseeing the restructuring and renewal process. Multiple working groups have already prepared reports and the remaining documents will come together in the next month or so. The DAC will then be tasked with considering the recommendations put forward by each of the working groups and developing a comprehensive implementation plan. The plan will be made up of chapters of smaller plans, one of which will detail a faculty complement plan. Research will be another significant area addressed through restructuring. The college's interim vice-dean of research will put forward a detailed plan to faculty. After internal consultation, discussion, and fine-tuning, the plan will be finalized and shared with University Council. The Council will receive the next update on various chapters at its June meeting. uSask On Campus News