uSask med school working on accreditation standard action plan

March 23, 2012

In response to apparent misinformation about the accreditation status of its medical school, the University of Saskatchewan states that last July, it received a letter from the Liaison Committee on Medical Education and the Committee on the Accreditation of Canadian Medical Schools indicating 11 instances of noncompliance with 10 of the 130 accreditation standards under which medical schools operate. The College of Medicine was given 6 months to submit an action plan, which it did in December. Last month, both committees informed the college that it had one year to put the plan in action. Throughout this period, the medical school has communicated fully with students as well as with faculty, staff, and administrators who are responsible for making the changes. The accreditation standards on which the school is working relate primarily to academic administration matters , such as how teaching duties are assigned, how marks are recorded in common databases, and whether students at different sites have access to similar study space. uSask Statement | Saskatoon Star-Phoenix