uSask releases TransformUS action plan to cut expenses by $25 million

May 2, 2014

The University of Saskatchewan has released a new action plan as part of its controversial TransformUS initiative. The plan focuses on 4 themes: simplify and amalgamate structures, focus on core mission, share services, and incorporate prioritization into ongoing practice. It will be implemented through 19 projects that are anticipated to reduce annual expenses by $25.3 million. In 2015–16, investments of up to $5 million will be made in select programs that align with institutional priorities. The plan includes a reduction in administrative functions, service and leadership. The number of directors will be reduced, while oversight of graduate education, support services, and academic and administrative structures will be simplified to facilitate student access. uSask’s library collection and service footprint will also be consolidated, and areas of related programming that straddle multiple colleges or schools will be assessed to determine if there are any opportunities to combine resources. Specific deans have also been asked to achieve program changes in specific departments; defining “sustainable academic units,” the plan says, “will require disestablishing some existing departments, programs or majors in favour of fewer new ones based on creative re-imagining of departments and programs using the best available ideas.” 2 campus unions organized a protest for Thursday in opposition to the proposed changes, which must still withstand several levels of approval. uSask News Release | CBC | StarPhoenix | CTV | Full Document