uSask student charged in on-campus sexual assault

March 5, 2012

A male University of Saskatchewan student has been charged with sexual assault after a woman said she was raped repeatedly on campus on New Year's Day. The 27-year-old student's arrest, made last Thursday at a university residence building, comes after the 20-year-old victim, who is not a university student, publicly criticized Saskatoon police for not working fast enough to press charges in her case. A police spokeswoman says police needed time to contact witnesses and they finally located one of them last Tuesday. The young woman says she was at a night club New Year's Eve where through a friend she met a group of people, of which one man brought her a drink that she since realized was spiked with some sort of drug. The group eventually wound up at one of the campus dormitories, and the woman says she was "violently sexually assaulted for hours." The arrested student was living in residence, but has been "removed from campus residences and his access to the campus has been restricted," says uSask's AVP of student affairs. Saskatoon Star-Phoenix