uSask student who left med school due to mental illness being sued by RBC

March 14, 2017

A former uSask student who left medical school after being diagnosed with a mental illness is being sued by RBC for a student line of credit totaling more than $170K. Bryan Robson tells CBC that he attended medical school for roughly two years before being diagnosed with bipolar affective disorder and leaving the program. Robson says that he assumed at the time that the disability insurance attached to his student line of credit would exempt him from a debt he would never be able to pay back. After meeting with an RBC professional, however, he learned that he was not covered. Since then, RBC has filed a suit to sue Robson for the outstanding loan. In an emailed statement to CBC, the company said, “For student lines of credit, it is important to note that clients who choose not to complete or are unable to complete their studies, for whatever reason, are expected to repay the loan.” CBC