uSask Students' Union withholds bus pass money during Saskatoon Transit lockout

September 25, 2014

The University of Saskatchewan Students’ Union (USSU) has decided to withhold student U-Pass payments for the duration of an ongoing lockout of Saskatoon Transit employees. “We’ve been very disappointed with our communication with what we thought was a major partner. We’ve had a relationship with Saskatoon Transit for a number of years now with the U-Pass. We didn’t get any heads up about any of this,” said USSU President Max FineDay. “Some students aren’t coming to class because they live way across town. They can’t get to their child’s day care and to class in time.” The USSU will hold back 60 cents per day for each of its 14,780 student members, totaling $8,868 daily as long as the lockout lasts. The organization added that it is investigating ways to return the money to students. Izabela Vlahu, President of the uSask Graduate Students’ Association, said that her organization plans to seek compensation from Saskatoon Transit. CBC