Use of foreign recruiters presents opportunities, challenges for Canadian institutions

September 15, 2014

University Affairs offers an overview of the use of education agents or recruiters in Canada. The article notes that the use of agents to recruit foreign students is often perceived of as a cost-effective, low-risk way to access new markets, especially for smaller schools. A 2013 report found that 23 of 37 public universities surveyed said they used agents, none of which were among the U15 group of research-intensive Canadian universities. However, the article points out that oversight of agents in foreign countries can be challenging. There are currently no federal laws in Canada regulating the use of foreign agents, and it is up to institutions to carefully vet candidates. Because agents represent a small number of universities, they may not provide prospective students with a full spectrum of options; moreover, agents paid by commission may recommend a school that pays a higher fee regardless of the best interests of the student. University Affairs