uToronto joins with private partners in "open source" neuroscience collaboration

November 14, 2014

The University of Toronto will collaborate with private partners Janssen Inc and the Johnson and Johnson Innovation Center in California on a new neuroscience initiative. The Neuroscience Catalyst, launched November 6, will foster open-source research in order to develop therapies for mood disorders and Alzheimer’s disease. “Mood disorders and Alzheimer’s disease are chronic illnesses that affect millions of people worldwide. By 2040, these debilitating brain diseases could surpass cancer as the second-leading cause of death. Finding solutions that bring relief to those who face these ailments, and the family and friends who care for them, are what makes this partnership so important,” said Catherine Whiteside, VP of Relations with Health Care Institutions at uToronto. Ruth Ross, inaugural Director of the Catalyst, believes that the open partnership could provide a model for future consortia. uToronto News