uToronto launches Office of Indigenous Medical Education

March 13, 2014

The University of Toronto recently held an official launch of the new Office of Indigenous Medical Education (OIME), which aims to bring issues of cultural safety and awareness to medical students at uToronto. OIME was established last year to help support the growth of Aboriginal health professionals, as well as to graduate “more knowledgeable non-Aboriginal practitioners by integrating Aboriginal health issues and concepts into the undergraduate medicine curriculum in the form of lectures, panels, research projects and electives.” OIME brings issues such as Indigenous health and experiences, social determinants of health, and Indigenous health concepts to classrooms. Ideas of cultural safety serve to highlight “how to provide care in a culturally safe manner, recognizing their biases to the patient’s background or religion or race or sexual orientation, being aware of it so that their interaction with the patient can be much more therapeutic. Make the patient feel much more safe in their interaction with the doctor.” Windspeaker | uToronto News Release