uToronto orders prof to use students’ preferred gender pronouns

October 21, 2016

The University of Toronto has ordered one of its professors to refer to students by whatever pronoun they wish and to refrain from making any further public statements about the issue, reports the Toronto Sun. Psychology Professor Jordan Peterson reportedly received a letter on Tuesday instructing him to respect students’ right to choose the pronoun they are referenced by. “They had to make their decision whether they were going to make a stand for free speech or whether they were going to censor me and they’ve decided,” Peterson told the Sun. “It’s unfortunate; I’m not happy about it; I’m disappointed.” uToronto spokesperson Althea Blackburn-Evans has said that while Peterson has a right to his opinion, he must also respect his obligation as a faculty member “to foster a learning environment that’s free from discrimination and harassment.” Toronto Sun | uToronto