uToronto pay equity project at risk, say former employees

March 18, 2015

A "precedent-setting" pay equity agreement at the University of Toronto may be at risk due to layoffs and administrative discontent, reports the Toronto Star. An historic 2011 pay equity agreement between uToronto and United Steelworkers Local 1998 has paid out millions in retroactive pay adjustments. But by December of last year, 6 of 9 staff members employed by the union to manage the program had been laid off. In January, the union shared an email indicating that it was talking with the university about ways to minimize and resolve disputes more quickly. Former employee Sheetal Rawal said that she is concerned that the negotiations will weaken existing equity provisions. However, union administrator Ron Wyatt said that he doesn't anticipate any major changes. He also said that the remaining staff are sufficient to manage the program, and that there was "not enough work to support as many people that were there." Toronto Star