uToronto professor refuses use of genderless pronouns

September 30, 2016

University of Toronto professor and clinical psychologist Jordan Peterson has released an hour-long YouTube lecture criticizing political correctness and a proposed federal bill that would outlaw harassment and discrimination based on gender identity and gender expression. Peterson argues against the existence of non-binary gender identities, adding, “I don’t recognize another person’s right to determine what pronouns I use to address them. I won’t do it.” Fellow uToronto Professor AW Peet, however, argues that “if Peterson fears the Trudeau government passing Bill C-16 into law, he should smarten up his act by upgrading his ethics circuits, not by trying to marshal opposition to basic human rights protections for people he refuses to even try to understand.” uToronto has stated that it will comment on Peterson’s actions once it has had the opportunity to properly review his posted lecture. Ottawa Citizen