uToronto SMA highlights support for innovation, learning communities, and research strength

September 3, 2014

The strategic mandate agreement (SMA) signed between the University of Toronto and Ontario highlights uToronto's international research strength, its broad range of program offerings and research activities, and its far-ranging economic and social impact. The SMA lists among uToronto’s areas of strength its contribution to knowledge translation and entrepreneurship, which has given rise to 81 new start-up companies over the past 5 years. The SMA also mentions uToronto’s support for entrepreneurship through its Innovations and Partnership Office, its 4 accelerators, and the Banting and Best Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. The agreement cites as strengths uToronto’s “embedding” of professionals in colleges, faculties and libraries; its support for small learning communities; and its co-curricular record program. uToronto’s support for technology-assisted learning and experiential learning are identified as further strengths. The SMA also lists some of the ways in which uToronto supports education accessibility, such as the Student Access Guarantee and First Nations House. 6 proposed program areas for growth are identified: biomedicine and health-related programs, engineering/architecture/environment, global affairs/public policy, business/management/finance, arts and sciences – doctoral stream, and graduate teacher education. uToronto SMA