UTSU campaigns to allow international students to serve on governing council

February 11, 2015

The University of Toronto Students' Union (UTSU) is calling for changes to The University of Toronto Act that would allow international students to sit on the institution's Governing Council. This year, 3 students were deemed ineligible to appear on the ballot because they were not Canadian citizens. "International students just want to be equal members of the University. Our tuition fees are the highest at the university, we lack equal access to healthcare, and yet we contribute so much to the university community. We want a say in our education," said Cameron Wathey, an international student from St Maarten who serves as the UTSU's VP Internal & Services. uToronto is reportedly just one of 5 institutions in Ontario at which international students are not able to represent their peers on governing councils or other similar bodies. UTSU News Release

Postscript: April 29, 2015

An amendment to the University of Toronto Act tabled in the Ontario Legislature last week would enable international students and other non-citizens to serve on the institution's Governing Council. The University of Toronto Students' Union welcomed the announcement. "This amendment is very exciting for international students like myself," said Cameron Wathey, UTSU VP Internal & Services. "The students' unions had been pushing the university for years to make this change so it's great to see that our activism bore real gains for students." UTSU News Release