UVic faculty moves to unionize

October 8, 2013

Union organizers at the University of Victoria are recruiting professors and librarians in an effort to establish a faculty union. The UVic Faculty Association is not a legal union, and doesn’t have the same abilities as a union to arbitrate and file grievances. Last April, the association’s executive council voted unanimously to unionize. Organizers must get 45% of faculty to sign up before asking the BC Labour Regulations Board for a certification vote. According to Robert Clift, executive director of the Confederation of University Faculty Associations of BC, “The move to unionize stems, in part, from a growing division between faculty and university administrators, who now operate less like academics and more like the corporate managers.” The UVic administration is not taking a position on the process and will accept whichever decision faculty makes, reports a UVic spokeperson. Victoria Times Colonist