UVic's LE,NONET Project helps improve Aboriginal students' retention, graduation rates

November 10, 2010

Yesterday the University of Victoria released the results of its LE,NONET Project, a 4-year national research project aimed at helping Indigenous students succeed at university. Students who participated in the project, which operated at UVic from 2005 to 2009, experienced a 100% increase in term-to-term continuation, a 20% increase in graduation rates, a 67% reduction in withdrawal rates, and one additional year of retention in their academic program. Over 90% of LE,NONET students said the program contributed to their success at UVic. Over 70% either agreed or strongly agreed that the program helped them develop their sense of Aboriginal identity. Over 73% said the project helped them feel more a part of the Aboriginal community on campus. UVic News Release | LE,NONET Project Highlights