uWaterloo alumna donates technology park building to university

August 7, 2012

University of Waterloo alumna and entrepreneur Toby Jenkins has donated to her alma mater the TechTown building, a 60,000-square-foot, $22.5-million multi-use complex she owned in the David Johnston Research + Technology Park. The professional services building, which opened in January 2007 on the north campus, provides services to employees in the Park, uWaterloo, and the local community. Services and amenities at the complex will continue uninterrupted. "All the rents (TechTown) tenants pay now come into the university," says a uWaterloo official. "That is pure cash flow that the university will be able to use to meet our students' needs, provide scholarships...So it's a fantastic gift." uWaterloo News Release | Waterloo Region Record