uWaterloo police investigate anti-female actions at institution

February 18, 2011

University of Waterloo police are conducting a criminal investigation into anti-female posters put over student election campaign signs of female candidates, and offensive fraudulent e-mails sent across campus that were pretending to be from uWaterloo president Feridun Hamdullahpur. In response to the fake e-mail, which refers to the posters, Hamdullahpur says "this kind of behaviour in our community is rare and unacceptable, and one I know our faculty, staff and students don't support." He notes the fake e-mail was sent from a Gmail account, and stresses that all communication from the president's office will come from a uWaterloo account. The Federation of Students and the UW Women's Centre held a discussion panel Friday afternoon to address the issue. uWaterloo Daily Bulletin (February 17) | uWaterloo Daily Bulletin (February 18) | Waterloo Region Record | CTV