uWaterloo profiled in New York Times

February 5, 2013

The University of Waterloo was the subject of a New York Times article published February 3, titled "Once BlackBerry Focused, a Campus Widens Its View." The article notes the company BlackBerry (formerly known as Research in Motion) emerged out of a student project at uWaterloo, "and for years the school served as a reliable pipeline of stellar engineering talent straight into the nearby offices of the smartphone maker." BlackBerry is now a last resort for uWaterloo graduates and interns, with US technology giants such as Apple and Facebook taking its place. The article says different approaches, rather than money, have enabled uWaterloo to attract prominent professors from around the world as well as Canada's top engineering and computer science students. For example, uWaterloo does not require faculty or students to give it an ownership stake in products or inventions they develop there. For professors, control of that intellectual property can potentially be far more valuable than any university salary. New York Times