uWaterloo proposes Innovation Village in draft SMA

October 11, 2012

In its proposed strategic mandate agreement (SMA) sent to the Ontario government, the University of Waterloo outlines its priority objectives, which include innovation-enabled learning, research-enabled learning, and technology-enabled learning. The SMA includes plans to expand graduate studies programs, offer more opportunities for research work terms, and address faculty life cycle to better foster productivity and creativity. uWaterloo proposes the development of an Innovation Village on its north campus. Building on the success of programs such as VeloCity -- but on a grander scale -- the Innovation Village will bring together entrepreneurial and innovative students and faculty members. "Comprised of residences, laboratories, event and discovery spaces, it will be a place of living and learning, bringing together like-minded risk takers in an ecosystem fuelled by the energy of shared ideas," says uWaterloo's provost. "It will be a place where knowledge pioneers have the necessary tools, laboratories and opportunities to pursue breakthroughs and social innovations that will transform the way we work, play, travel, communicate, live and learn." uWaterloo SMA