uWaterloo SMA emphasizes high-impact research, entrepreneurial education, economic impact

September 4, 2014

Ontario has released the strategic mandate agreement (SMA) it signed with the University of Waterloo. The SMA recognizes as uWaterloo’s key areas of differentiation its focus on cultivating innovation through experiential learning, entrepreneurial education, and high-impact research, especially in programs including mathematics, computer sciences, quantum science/nanotechnology, and engineering and architecture. The SMA highlights uWaterloo’s strong support for economic development through its business accelerator centres and entrepreneurship programs and the Waterloo Commercialization Office. The SMA notes that uWaterloo generates $8.80 in total economic impact for every dollar invested by the province. uWaterloo is cited for its support for experiential and technology-enabled learning, as well as its high rate of student satisfaction. The SMA notes uWaterloo’s commitment to accessible education, including its programs for Aboriginal youth. uWaterloo is also recognized for its research achievements, as evinced by national and international rankings. The SMA identifies 5 proposed program areas for growth: engineering, science, and architecture; social innovation, entrepreneurship, and sustainability; security and risk management; technology, culture, and communications; and health and aging. uWaterloo SMA