uWaterloo students demand their money back from developer of unfinished apartment complex

September 23, 2014

More than 50 University of Waterloo students and some parents marched into the offices of a local property developer to demand the return of their security deposits after being unable to move into their housing due to construction delays. The students had signed a lease agreement with an expected occupancy date in September; however, construction on the building remains far from finished. Some students were forced to stay in a hotel until alternative accommodations could be arranged. Others have been staying with friends while they wait for construction to finish. “They have been given the runaround. This is a breach of their contract,” said Alex Diceanu of the Waterloo Public Interest Research Group, who organized the demonstration. Another student said, “I’ve been really stressed and exhausted. I need this weekend to rest and do homework.” An employee in the developer’s office took letters from the students, who left the building peacefully. The Record