uWindsor calls for a budget adjustment anticipating shortfall

August 30, 2013

The University of Windsor is looking at “realigning” its department budgets by 2.2% in the 2014-15 school year due to a $1.8-million revenue shortfall that stems from the province’s capping of tuition at 3% for the next 4 years. uWindsor drafted its original budget based on the 5% tuition cap that was in place prior to the latest tuition-framework change. "It's not a problem unique to the University of Windsor," says president Alan Wildeman. "Similar universities are going through similar processes. It's that our cost structure is increasing faster than revenues." To deal with the shortfall, uWindsor plans to shift money from department budgets to pay for additional wage and pension expenses, and decrease its contribution to the Strategic Priority Fund by $1 million in 2014-15. uWindsor is currently in labour contract negotiations with about 1,100 university support staff, and will be heading into collective bargaining with its faculty in the new year. Windsor Star