uWindsor to consider measures to deal with projected deficit

November 29, 2013

The University of Windsor will have to consider cost-cutting measures to deal with a projected $1.8-million budget deficit, President Alan Wildeman told the uWindsor Board of Governors this week. Wildeman cites the new provincially-mandated tuition increase cap of 3% from 5% for the deficit. “We have to adapt to it, and we have to in one year. That’s the kind of realignment targets we’d have to look at if we’re going to address this. We have to spend more time drilling down on where we can find that and it’s going to be a challenge. We need to do it as carefully and as measured as we can do it,” said Wildeman. He added that the situation is not unique to uWindsor, and explained that “you can go to all of the universities across Ontario and they are all saying this is the impact it’s having on us.” This year uWindsor welcomed a record 14,100 full-time and graduate students to its campus, which helped ease the fiscal pressure somewhat. But Wildeman says the university is being conservative about its enrolment projections for 2014-15, not wanting to “make assumptions that might not come true.” Windsor Star