uWindsor faculty announces plans for one-day strike, rolling job action

September 9, 2014

The Windsor University Faculty Association (WUFA) has announced that it will commence job action with a one-day strike on September 15; the union further said that it plans rotating half-day strikes with 2-hour advanced notice to students. If no settlement is reached by October 1, the union said it will implement a full work stoppage at a date to be announced. WUFA described its plan as a “last resort” and said that it is implementing its job action in several phases, “each designed to put pressure on the administration to come back to the bargaining table while minimizing the disruption of [students’] education.” WUFA President Anne Forrest said the decision was forced by the university’s refusal to return to the bargaining table; however, uWindsor President Alan Wildeman said that the institution has always been willing to negotiate. “I’ve been really clear. I’ve communicated very widely about this … We’re not going to go back to the table and bargain with ourselves,” he said. Wildeman claims that WUFA is refusing to acknowledge “fiscal realities.” Windsor Star | WUFA News Release

Postscript: October 3 2014

The University of Windsor and the Windsor University Faculty Association (WUFA) have arrived at a tentative collective agreement, following 2 days of meeting with a  provincially appointed mediator. The terms of the agreement will remain confidential pending ratification. WUFA has informed its members that a meeting and vote on the proposed contract will be held later this week. WUFA had initiated rolling job action prior to the meetings with the mediator. uWindsor News Release | Windsor Star