UWindsor hopes to benefit from new ON funding formula: Windsor Star

June 2, 2017

University of Windsor president Alan Wildeman hopes that Ontario’s new university funding formula will make funding for his school more predictable in the coming years, reports the Windsor Star. The agreement, which goes into effect this year, requires each university to estimate and commit to certain enrolment numbers over the next three years. If a school goes more than 3% above its enrolment estimate, it will not receive any funding for the students above that threshold. This new formula has led some to wonder whether universities in the fast-growing GTA will need to turn away more students, as the area's population is set to grow 50% in the next 25 years. The Star adds that UWindsor has recently moved to position itself in the Toronto student market with a new advertising campaign, adding that if universities in the GTA turn students away due to lack of funding, it could force some of those students to consider options outside the GTA. Windsor Star