uWindsor law dean candidate files human rights complaint against institution

September 10, 2010

A University of Windsor law professor is asking the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario to force the institution to appoint her dean of law after her candidacy was ruined by accusations of plagiarism and, she alleges, racism and sexism. The professor is also seeking payments for "injury to dignity" of $60,000 from uWindsor, and $15,000 from her colleague who raised the accusation of plagiarism. In her complaint, the professor alleges her colleague "sabotaged" her candidacy in a "personal attack," which the university used as a "convenient pretext" to dismiss her candidacy with "indecent haste." All of this, she claims, was motivated by racism and sexism, and the school's refusal to accept a woman of colour as a dean. A uWindsor spokeswoman says the allegations are a surprise and are taken very seriously. The university has hired a lawyer to prepare a response to the human rights complaint. National Post

Postscript: Sep 30, 2010
The Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario has ruled that the University of Windsor may continue its search for a new law dean, despite a rights issue raised by a former candidate for the position. A uWindsor law professor had asked the tribunal to suspend the search for a dean until it reviews her case, in which she claims her candidacy was ruined by accusations of plagiarism, and also by racism and sexism. Windsor Star